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HTML <time> Tag: A Definitive Guide

Dive into HTML's <time> tag intricacies, learning how to code date, show time, use date-time, and add a time stamp in your HTML.

Async vs defer - HTML Script tags

Improve webpage loading & user experience with async & defer attributes for HTML script tags. Learn best practices for optimized script execution.

Indiehacker's Log #1

Learn from the errors I made in ideation, building MVPs, and validating ideas without investing excessive resources.

Web Accessibility: Introduction

Boost website usability with this accessibility guide: discover screen readers, semantic HTML, accessible form labels & functional buttons

SEO in Next.js 13 with Metadata API

Master SEO in Next.js with the guide on using the new Metadata API. Improve your web application's search engine rankings with these best practices and tips.

10 Javascript/Typescript features I avoid

Learn about 10 Javascript features that can be replaced by better alternatives. See why a senior engineer avoids them and what alternatives they use instead.

Beyond console.log: 8 Powerful Console Methods

Take your JavaScript debugging skills to the next level with these advanced console methods. Learn how to use console.assert, console.count, and more

Mac setup for web development 2023

How to setup a Macbook for Javascript frontend development in 2023? List of system and IDE settings. Tools and plugins to improve your productivity.

Git rebase vs git merge - comparison

When it comes to managing changes in a Git repository, two of the most commonly used commands are merge and rebase - two ways of solving the same problem

Remove all styling with one line of CSS

Would you believe me if I told you that you can remove all the default styles with one line of CSS? See how to remove all styling in CSS.

Redirect to a page from Next.js API Route

Learn how to implement page redirection for users who sign up for your newsletter using Next.js API routes in a few simple steps

Mastering function overloading in Typescript

Function overloading in TypeScript allows multiple functions with the same name to exist within a single program, but with different type signatures

How to format numbers with vanilla Javascript

Displaying big numbers in complex user interface can be a pretty tough task. You don't need to install external packages to solve this issue

Internationalize React application with i18n

Discover the benefits of internationalization (i18n) in application development: removing barriers to localization and enhancing global availability of your app

Is this (keyword) a problem?

The behaviour of this keyword in Javascript can be really hard to understand even for more experienced developers

Transform objects using array methods

Objects don't have corresponding methods for .map or .filter. Fortunately we can achieve the same result using other built-in methods.

Understand raw React

Using React without JSX is totally possible. See how React works under JSX syntatic sugar and what problems it solves for you.

Basic types in Typescript

Start using Typescript in your projects - learn everything you need to understand basic Typescript types

Destructuring arrays and objects

When used correctly, destructuring arrays and objects can become a big advantage for every JavaScript developer